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Photo Credit - Ryan Chang

The skill set that you gain from organising and guiding expeditions is undeniably transferrable across many sectors. Tom Carson from Jägermeister Music UK gave me the following feedback:


"Working with Dave is a pure masterclass in people and process management, organisation and communication, logistics, decision making, and ever changing scenarios."  


All of those skills that Tom mentions were learnt whilst on expeditions and are highly desirable attributes across many different sectors. I have worked on projects within the oil & gas, music and theatre industries. Most recently I applied my project management skills to the music industry. This came about due to the success of a TV shoot on which I was the Production Manager. Matt Tuck, the front man for Bullet For My Valentine, asked if I wanted to be their new road manager. Of course I said yes. It made no difference that every bit of musical talent passed me by as a kid because what he was wanting me to do was in essence the same as guiding an expedition or working as a production manger on a shoot. In short, I was to keep people safe & happy in a challenging  and ever changing environment to enable them to do what they are trained to do. Bullet's EU / UK 2016 Venom tour was a great success.







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