I have worked on numerous TV productions, both in front and behind the camera. 

The services I offer include:

SAFETY CONSULTANT - This is a position that involves extensive work before, during and after the production is on location, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing comprehensive country & regional security / risk assessments.

  • Completion of medical and communication plans.

  • Pre-departure advice and literature for production team.

  • Production team safety brief.

  • Team monitoring.

  • Stunt coordination.

  • Dynamic risk assessments.

  • Completion of the post production report.


PRODUCTION MEDIC - Providing medical support & care within remote and challenging environments.

LOCATION SCOUT - Arriving into location before the main production team and soaking up all that the area has to offer. Then completing a location report for the creative team to ensure that their time on the ground is maximised to their best use.

PRODUCTION MANAGER - Working closely with the director and producers to ensure that the production runs smoothly. Managing the scheduling, budget, transport, operations, accommodation, meal plans. Always keeping a few steps ahead of the production so as to be in the best position to deal with any unexpected circumstances with workable alternative plans.