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Dahab Bouldering Guidebook

Published by The Arch Climbing Wall, A Dahab Bouldering Guide is the very first rock climbing guide for Egypt & the Sinai peninsula. A popular freediving, diving and kitesurfing destination on the Red Sea coast, Dahab’s inland valleys or wadis offer extensive bouldering on smooth hard granite in a pristine natural setting for those seeking an affordable winter trip away from the crowds.

The book has taken over 3 years to put together, and contains more than 400 problems and projects across 9 different sectors, between font 2 to 8. Each problem is individually photographed and described. The guide gives you all the information you need to plan a trip, with an introduction that covers places to stay and eat, travel advice, and a basic Egyptian language phrasebook.

Fred Stone, who put together A Dahab Bouldering Guide, says: “The Sinai is an incredible place, both for it’s incredible history, but also for the beauty of the area and the friendliness of the people living there. Climbing has been going on for decades now, but mainly focused on big trad adventures further inland around the St Catherine’s area. I feel very lucky to be able to boulder in such a special place, and also to now have had the chance to help other people discover it through the guide. Dahab is never going to be the next Fontainebleau or Rocklands, but I hope that there might be a small climbing community of locals and visitors that can slowly grow there, to share experiences and enjoy what it has to offer.”

Landscape A5, printed on recycled paper,194 colour pages. £25.

Want to buy a copy but can’t find it anywhere? Send an email to and they will get a copy to you. There is only a few copies left of the initial print run. I know that Fred plans to update the book and print more at the start of 2019.

I work as an expedition guide, safety consultant and production manager. In short I keep people safe and happy so that they can achieve their goals. Click here to find more about me and what services I can offer.


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