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Sinai Desert - New Climbing Info.

I can confirm that the comprehensive climbing guidebook to the South Sinai Desert is on its way. But there is still a lot of work that needs to be done until its ready to be published. So I have decided to share with you some of the information as a very raw and unformatted version. This can then get you all out there climbing the new & existing routes to your heart's content. Enjoy...

I apologise it has taken so long to make this information available. But I realise now that the important thing is just to make the information available. Even though it is in a very very raw unformatted version. Before you download the PDFs please can I ask one thing of you? That is please can you email me your new route info and any cool photos that you take. This means we can try to continue to develop the climbing guidebook and grow the database of climbing routes within the South Sinai Desert.

Rock climbing and mountaineering in general is a dangerous pastime that can lead to serious injury or worse. You should not undertake these without proper training or equipment.

By using this new route information you acknowledge that the information therein may be out of date or inaccurate and you agree that Dave Lucas and any of the other contributors to this website or information cannot be held liable for any damage that may be caused by use of this website and the information within it..

Enthusiasm and interest are no substitute for knowledge and experience. Climbing is a dangerous pastime that can seriously damage your health! Details of climbs recorded in the PDF's pages -- together with their grades, reference to in-situ or natural protection, and locations -- are made in good faith having been compiled from first ascent descriptions and previous/current guidebook information. Not all of them have been checked recently for accuracy, and descriptions, grades, and, above all, stars, should be treated with extreme caution. Unfortunately climbs can change; holds fall off, rock becomes dirty, in-situ gear deteriorates or disappears. Even a minor alteration can have a dramatic effect on the grade or seriousness of a route. It is therefore essential that climbers judge the condition of any route for themselves before climbing. Once more the contents of this PDF are believed to be correct. However, neither Dave Lucas nor any of the contributors can be held responsible for any omissions or mistakes, nor liable for any personal or third party injuries or damage, howsoever caused, arising from its use.

Please click on the buttons below to view a PDF version of some of the new routes that have been climbed in the Sinai Desert since 2004. These are large files so I needed to split them into 7 parts.


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